Are We Endangering Ourselves With Overstretching?

Dance moves such as the scorpion and over split leg mounts have come from US Cheerleading and young dancers have tried to adapt them into their repertoire due to what they see and experience on social media. Aaron Matheson, 18, injured himself seven years ago attempting a difficult move called the scorpion. The scorpion is a move where you lift one of your legs and hold it with both hands and extend the leg up until it’s over your head. Matheson received a stress fracture after one day being able to finally achieve the scorpion. This injury could have been avoided had Matheson not been influenced by media around him. Another dancer who has injured themselves is Charlotte Collins, 17. Collins dislocated her coccyx by having the carpet she was practicing on slip from underneath her. This injury was due to her watching a YouTube video that she was copying.

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