Are there positives as well as negatives?

Social Media can be positive to dancers who are looking for advice from other dancers on how to perform difficult dance steps or dance moves. It can also be a great tool to just simply look for inspiration. Having a positive attitude towards how you approach social media can result in positive results. Dancers find sharing costume ideas, dance ideas and sharing photos can have a positive effect on them because they can communicate about something they both have a clear understanding of and not have the fear of being judged (Healey A., 2016). Whilst social media can be a positive tool, there are also negative effects that need to be addressed.

Photo Source:,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNG-XjRbj9jrJYYW60RK4egkiANPyA&ust=1472005747336331&cad=rjt


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