Social Media can enhance a dancer already with a career in dance, whether that’s in a company or in tertiary education. For example, Luke Aaron Forbes, an author of an article entitled “Insta-Dance” looked into how social media can heighten a dancers’ career and what the benefits are. He interviewed three dancers on how social media may interest them or how they came to have hundreds of followers on their Instagram accounts. One in particular was Brooke Lockett, a coryphée in the Australian Ballet. She uses social media as a way of inspiring dancers and being a positive role model for other dancers to look up to, but only for them to look up to her for the right reasons (Forbes L.A., 2016). In a survey conducted, I found that some respondents suggested that if you’re learning a dance move from a professional, social media is a good resource (Healey A., 2016). This would suggest that Lockett’s reasons for the use of social media works.

Photo Source: https://www.medibank.com.au/bemagazine/post/exercise/inside-the-world-of-ballerina-brooke-lockett/


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