How Can Social Media be a Platform for Dancers Wishing to Boost Their Careers?

Social Media can be seen as a platform for dancers’ who wish to make a career out of dance (Forbes L.A., 2016). In some instances, social media can be seen as a way to endanger your career, especially at a young age (Robinson L., Whyte S., 2016). Social media have both positive and negative effects to a dancers’ career, however based on my research, I feel that there are more negatives than there are positives. Social media can get you noticed by others and can become a role model to others who want to be inspired. A good example of this is a young dancer named Danika Roach. According to an article written for the East Torrens Messenger, in 2015, it stated that Roach has gained over 11, 500 followers on Instagram. Roach has won 16 dance categories in numerous dance competitions. Due to these successes, she has been noticed on social media by other dancers who want to be inspired. Having Instagram has affected Roach’s career in a positive way. This has opened many doors for Roach and has made her an internet phenomenon (East Torrens Messenger, 2015).

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